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Stock Video Firesale

Grab Resale Rights to  40  52 Premium HD Stock Videos Created By An Award Winning Film Maker!

Plus more valuable video assets:

  • 34 More Stock Videos (with Developer Rights)
  • 40 New Animated Video Backgrounds (with Developer Rights)
  • Whiteboard SVG Graphics (with PLR)
  • 8 Sets of HD Image Backgrounds (with PLR)
  • 100 MP3 Music Files (with Resale Rights)
  • 12 Motion Background Loops (With Resell Rights)
  • Google Hangout Q&A and Training With Paul On Using The Video Clips
  • And More…

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& My BIG Bonus Package!

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What is Stock Video Firesale?

This is a big library of really high quality HD live footage stock videos. Each of these video clips were filmed by an award-winning film maker named Trevor L. Smith. Quality stock videos like this usually cost $49 - $69 PER video. But with this offer... For less than the price of ONE stock video at most sites, you get 50+ stock videos filmed by a real pro. AND the best part is you get developer rights AND resale rights to each of the video clips!

Some of the ways you can use these video clips:

  • Motivational videos for any niche market including fitness, business, Internet marketing, self help, and more!
  • Use in sales videos.
  • Create animated .gifs out of the videos.
  • Use as the backdrop for Web 3.0 squeeze pages
  • Use for videos for your clients.
  • Background for PowerPoint slides.
  • Other projects like music videos, movies, viral videos, etc.
  • Sell them as your own!

Every video clip is...

  • 1920x1080 HD resolution
  • MP4 format (compatible on all computers)
  • Approximately 15 to 60 seconds in length.
  • Brand new, never released before.
  • Includes developer rights (you can use it on client's project)
  • Includes RESALE RIGHTS! (Sell them as your own product)

Buy Stock Video Firesale from my link and get all these

Valuable Special Bonuses

Big Bonus #1
34 More Live Footage Videos
with Developer Rights - $47 value

Big Bonus #2
40 New Animated Video Backgrounds
with Developer Rights - $47 value

These animated video backgrounds are in full HD (1920 × 1080). And come in MP4 and SFW formats. I never sold any of these animated backgrounds, never used them in any membership, and never used them as bonuses before. So this is the first time I'm making them available. They all come with developer rights (so you can use them on your own or your clients' projects).

Big Bonus #3
4 Sets of Whiteboard SVG Graphics
with White Label Rights (aka PLR) - $97 value

Whiteboard Sketch videos are really popular right now. And Whiteboard SVG graphics are in high demand. With this bonus you get 4 sets of whiteboard SVG graphics, with White Label Rights! So you can sell these graphics yourself, use them as bonuses, add them to a paid membership, etc..

50 Business Whiteboard SVG Graphics

50 Random & Useful Whiteboard SVG Graphics

Big Bonus #4
8 Sets of HD Image Backgrounds
with White Label Rights (aka PLR) - $97 value

With this bonus you get 8 sets of HD Image Backgrounds. These images make for awesome backdrops for videos, web headers, eCovers, etc.. Plus you get White Label Resale Rights. So you can sell these graphics yourself, use them as bonuses, add them to a paid membership, etc..

HD Image Backgrounds #1: Blueprint

HD Image Backgrounds #2: VSL Clean Paper

HD Image Backgrounds #3: Colorful Diagonal Lines

HD Image Backgrounds #4: Colorful Studio

HD Image Backgrounds #5: Fancy Showcase

HD Image Backgrounds #6: VSL Dark

HD Image Backgrounds #7: Hanging Sign

HD Image Backgrounds #8: Gift

Plus You Get More Bonuses from Eric & Paul...

Extra Bonus #1
100 MP3 Music Files with
Resale Rights ($97 value)

  • Integrate these audios with the clips to create amazing cinematic videos!
  • Up the production value of your videos by adding music.
  • Sell this music with the video clips for the complete package!

Extra Bonus #2
Google Hangout Q&A and Training With Paul On Using The Video Clips

  • Paul's 600,000 View Video Case Study (See the video, process, and more)
  • Learn how to use FREE software to create stunning, cinematic videos using these clips.
  • Get your questions answered live!

Extra Bonus #4
Sales Page For Selling The Stock Videos

  • Upload this ready to go sales page so you can start selling this package.
  • Just add your payment link, upload and you're in business!

Extra Bonus #5
12 Motion Background Loops
With Resell Rights ($47 value)

  • Use these loops to create amazing product review videos.
  • Use as the backdrop for any project that needs a different look.
  • Sell these as a bonus with your stock footage clips.

Extra Bonus #6
100 Amazon Review Video Voiceover Scripts

  • Receive 100 Word Document files with scripts for top converting Amazon products.
  • Use these scripts to create stunning videos that you can earn commissions on!
  • Includes product reviews, insights, and more.
  • Combine these scripts with the stock footage to make stunning Amazon review videos.
  • Create commission generating videos in minutes!

Extra Bonus #7
YouTube Marketing Made Easy Ebook

  • Learn the ins and outs of leveraging YouTube to generate serious income for yourself!
  • Discover how to get the most long-term benefit out of YouTube.
  • Easy to follow guide.

Extra Bonus #8
How To Rank YouTube Videos Training With PLR ($47 Value)

  • Uncover a simple process for ranking YouTube videos so you can maximize your traffic.
  • Sell this video training as your own.

Extra Bonus #9
Google Hangouts - "Make Coaching, Training, and Selling Easy"

  • Google Hangouts is a video platform you should be using to sell more.
  • When used properly this platform makes coaching, training, and selling easy!
  • Last month Paul made over $10,000 in extra sales with Google Hangouts alone!

Upgrade Offer:
Get 100+ More Stock Videos (with Resale Rights)
Plus 30 Sets of Max’s Whiteboard SVG Graphics (with PLR!)

After the main offer there is an Upgrade OTO which costs $97. With this Upgrade OTO you get:

  • 112 additional HD stock videos (with resale rights)
  • Expanded resale rights (allowing you to sell Developer Rights to all videos)
  • 200 more music files (with resale rights)
  • 40 additional motion background loops with resale rights
  • Video sales page
  • Pre-made upsell page
  • E-commerce site training
  • 100 Amazon product review videos
  • Video graphics creator software
  • Offline Video Business course
  • Resale rights for the bonus training
  • 65 video YouTube Marketing home study course
  • And More…

Buy The Upgrade OTO for $97
& Get These Upgrade Bonuses:

Big Upgrade Bonus
30 Sets of Whiteboard SVGs
with White Label Rights (aka PLR) - $197 value

I took all of the Black and White Whiteboard SVGs from Video Maker Toolkit V1 and V2, and combined them into this big bundle containing 30 sets of SVGs. All of these SVGs were custom created for me by several different designers, so I own complete rights to these graphics (and didn't just find them on free or public domain image sites). Hiring someone to create 30 sets of custom SVG graphics will cost you in the thousands.

Also, most of these (26 out of 30 sets) have never been offered with White Label Rights before. So you'll be one of the very first to be able to profit from the resale rights!

As part fo the deal you also get my 3D software box image, a preview image of all graphics, as well as a preview video.

How To Claim Bonuses...

Step 1: Buy Stock Video Firesale from my link:

Step 2 (Optional): Buy Upgrade Offer & Get Upgrade Bonuses:

Step 3: Bonuses Delivery:

After your purchase is complete, send me your purchase receipt and I will email you the bonuses.

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